Carpet & Rug Steam Cleaning

Carpet manufacturers suggest steam cleaning by an IICRC certified technician. Carpet warranties usually require steam cleaning at least every 24 months. When performed properly, hot water extraction will remove more soil and spots. It will also sanitize carpets and rugs, whereas other methods have less capability of removing contaminants (such as pollen, pesticides, detergents, exhaust, etc.) The system we have does not over wet the carpet or leave a sticky residue. We invest in only the finest equipment.

 Our Deluxe Cleaning Includes the following 12 steps:

1. Pre Inspection

2. Consultation and price quote

3. Thorough Vacuuming with a High Power Commercial Vacuum

4. Pre-Treat spots

5. Pre-Treat Traffic Lanes

6. Agitate Soiled Area to Loosen Dirt

7. High Power Truck Mount Steam Extraction

8. Post Inspect and Retreat any remaining spots

9. Speed Dry With Multiple Air Movers (Drytime Less than 2 Hours)

10. Apply Scotch Guard Protector (If requested and we only use Genuine 3M Scotch Guard)

11. Post Groom Carpet Pile To Insure Fast Dry and a Clean Look

12. Final Inspection

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