Interior Care Carpet Cleaning in Bend OR #1

Interior Care Carpet Cleaning in Bend OR is running a wintertime special. Book a regular price carpet cleaning before the end of March and get one area cleaned for free. See the difference STEAM CLEANING makes. We also specialize in tile and grout cleaning. Call now and take advantage of this great offer! [SIZE=”6″]Interior Care […] Read more »

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Sharon’s Vacuums Serving Central Oregon since 1979 541-388-1414 We at Interior Care Carpet Cleaning are happy to assist you with any info you need regarding vacuum cleaners. After all our primary business is Sharon’s Vacuums here in Bend! Sharon’s Vacuums has been serving Central Oregon for more than 30 years.We provide sales,service, and parts for […] Read more »

10 Commandments of Carpet Care

Commandment I: Vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Most of the wear of carpeting is caused by dirt. Oily soils attract more oily soil and frequent vacuuming will reduce soil buildup. Commandment II: Get at stains quickly, 99% of all stains can be removed by one cleaning agent or another if they are cleaned in the first […] Read more »

Cleaning Red Wine From Carpet

Red wine spills are quite common. Here are a couple of strategies to get the red out. Keep in mind that the sooner you treat the spot the better chance you have of success. Before using either method, test on an inconspicuous area such as the inside corner of a closet. Plan A Step 1: […] Read more »

Treating Carpet for Coffee Spills

Coffee has different effects on different types of carpets, but the best way to avoid permanent staining is to clean the area as soon as possible. If coffee sits for a few days it may never come out completely. Plan A: Tonic Water Step 1: Start by blotting up as much of the liquid as […] Read more »

Make Your Carpet Last Forever

It is a proven fact that a good looking carpet is the most important component to a homes appearance, but replacing a carpet is expensive. You want your carpet to last as long as possible. Use the following tips to extend the life of your carpet: Tip 1: Padding is important, ideally no more than […] Read more »

Getting Chewing Gum Out of Carpet

To remove chewing gum from carpet, get out your electric hair dryer and some Ben Gay. Step by Step Step 1: Heat the gum, being careful not to melt the carpet fibers. Its a good idea to test in an inconspicuous area first, such as the inside corner of a closet. Step 2: Use a […] Read more »

Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Candle wax is is a tough one, but it is a very common problem. You will need paper towels and an electric iron. Very absorbent paper towels are recommended for the best results. Use white towels only as dyes may bleed onto the carpet when exposed to the heat of the iron. Before beginning the […] Read more »

How to Get Blood Out of Carpet

It is easiest to remove blood when it is still wet. Dried blood stains are notoriously harder to remove. Also be sure throughout the process to blot the stain, not rub it, as this will only push the stain further into the carpet fibers. Use the following steps along with the appropriate cleaning solution for […] Read more »