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Convenient service for busy lifestyles. Trust your local family-owned professionals. We have a hyper-clean system that is powered by a high-temperature steam cleaning unit that blasts deep into your carpet to eradicate all kinds of dirt, grime, and allergens. Then our powerful vacuum system thoroughly extracts everything out, leaving you with a fresh clean carpet that will truly impress your guests!

20 Reasons To Choose Interior Care


Don't be fooled! Are you frustrated by the "Big Franchise" games? We believe in honest pricing.

Our packages are designed to cover most situations, while many competitors quote an “Economy Clean” on the phone to get their foot in the door and let their commissioned technicians up-sell items that should have been included in the first place.  Many of these “economy cleans” don’t even meet carpet manufacturers’ minimum requirements for cleaning.  Our straightforward, fair and simple pricing structure is easy to understand.  We hope to OVERESTIMATE on the phone so that we can give a customer good news when we are in their home.  This is a fundamental difference in philosophy that we feel builds trust and confidence from a customer’s first call.


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