How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

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We at Interior Care Carpet Cleaning are happy to assist you with any info you need regarding vacuum cleaners. After all our primary business is Sharon’s Vacuums here in Bend! Sharon’s Vacuums has been serving Central Oregon for more than 30 years.We provide sales,service, and parts for all brand vacuums.

Tip #1 – When choosing a new vacuum the most important thing to consider is: What type of surface you need to clean and choose a machine that will properly match your needs. If you have mostly all carpet and maybe a small amount of hard surface then you will be best suited with an upright style vacuum. However, if your house is mostly or all hard surface floors with some carpet you may want to consider a Canister style Vacuum with a power nozzle. If you have all hard surface and no carpet, you can go with a straight suction Canister with no power nozzle.

Tip #2 – The Second thing to consider is DURABILITY!!. Unfortunately we live in a world of disposable products and a lot of Vacuums now fall into that category. (Even some well known brands that we’ve known for years have now gone down the path of disposability.) So ask yourself, Do you want a Vacuum that will last for several years or do want a disposable vacuum that you will be replacing every year or two?

Tip #3 –  Vacuum Filtration and Bagged vs Bagless…. We have reached a time that both, vacuum consumers and manufactures are becoming conscious about good filtration..The bottom line is, all that air that your vacuum is sucking in MUST come out through a exhaust vent. The idea is that all dirt remain in the vacuum and the clean air blows back out of the Vacuum. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Day in and day out in our Vacuum Shop we see customers bring in there BAGLESS vacuums for service. Generally these bagless vacs are covered with dust on the outside of the machine. What does that tell us? It tells us that the vacuum is leaking that same dust that we are trying to remove from our carpet and just redistributing it throughout our home and our lungs!. Basically it works like this, all bagless vacs have a series of at least 2 to 3 filters onboard that the air must travel through in order to exit the machine. As soon as these filters begin to plug up, that air now looks for a different way out of the vacuum. We see this in every single bagless vacuum made weather it’s a $49 Bissell or a $500 Dyson.

At this time, we firmly believe that a bagged vacuum is the only way to go. When you have that paper bag in place it acts as the PRIMARY FILTER and does 99% of the filtering duties. Then the on board Hepa Filter only has the the job of catching whatever that bag might have let through. Then of course we are replacing that bag whenever its full. ( Effectively replacing the vacuums PRIMARY FILTER multiple time a year)

Tip #4 – PRICE!!…….First off, don’t think you must spend a small fortune to get a great vacuum cleaner. There is a good vacuum for just about every price range. Its just a matter of knowing all the pros and cons of each individual machine. At our shop, about 75% of our business is service. We are also the AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER for almost all the major brands. This gives excellent insight as to what vacuums that are good and bad. The best thing to do is consider what you are prepared to spend then give us a call at Sharon’s Vacuums 541-388-1414. One of our expert staff members will be glad to advise you on what the best Vacuum Cleaner would be for the amount you would like to spend.


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